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2-FA ,2-FMA , 2-Fluoromethamphetamine is a novel stimulant substance of the amphetamine class that produces classical stimulant effects such as stimulation, enhanced focus and euphoria when administered. 2-FMA is part of a series of modern fluorinated amphetamine analogs that include compounds like 2-FA, 3-FA, 3-FEA and 4-FA, some of which have been gaining popularity



CAS registry number: 1716-60-5
Purity: +98,2%
Synonyms: 2-Fa, 1-(2-Fluorophenyl)propan-2-amine .buy 2-FA online
2-Fluoroamphetamine (2-FA) is a structural isomer of 4-FA, having the fluorine at the 2, rather than the 4, position. buy 2-FA online

Quite a friendly stimulant. 2-Fa is really of great help to get things done properly. Slept good after, felt very good when waking up, no hangover and no other after effects. Duration is really short, so its fine to use a double hours before planning to sleep. The effects seem to have a duration of around 2 hours for the peak effects before it fades towards the 3rd hour or so. Compared to 4-FA it is cleaner and clearer for the mind and not as dehydrating for the body. 4-FA is more euphoric 2-FA online